Those who have once breathed the tempting scent of fresh handmade truffles and chocolates and tasted them will not easily manage to resist these small delicacies. ‘Cafè Schröder’ was just the beginning of a family tradition founded in the Fifties by Hans Schröder in Werl. In 1973, he established the company DreiMeister Spezialitäten. The son of the founder, Hans-Wilhelm Schröder, led the company successfully from 1988 to 2016 and strengthened it to one of the Leading Manufacturers for Chocolates. In the middle of 2016 he handed it over to Markus Luckey, who continues the longlasting family tradition at the production location in Werl-Westönnen. With over 150 employees we now produce a large variety of different chocolate and truffle compositions. Our traditional family enterprise looks back on decades of experience in the creation and manufacture of finest chocolates and truffles. The chocolate varieties we use are processed according to traditional recipes. We at DreiMeister put our heart and soul into the handmade manufacture of our delicacies in order to more and more perfect our philosophy of quality, indulgence and individuality.