About us

We specialize in handmade confectionery and we know how to define the true meaning of good chocolate. Finest truffles and chocolates, premium tea biscuits or chocolate bars – these sweet seducers are still being produced mainly by hand and only with fresh ingredients. Conscious of our tradition, we lay great importance on the specialist trade, therefore you can only buy our delicacies in the specialist trade or in our own company shop. Besides producing for the confectionery trade, we have also acquired a good name on the Catering and Private Label sector. With our motto: “Sweet Things that make you happy” there is almost no limit to your requirements. Our range comprises various chocolates and truffles in a multitude of tasty variations from classical truffles and chocolates to fruity compositions and even to hot, spicy creations. First Class Hotels and Top Restaurants, Delicatessen and Gift shops as well as the culinary sections of large Department Stores in Singapore, Scandinavia, Japan or the United States of America it has become known internationally that DreiMeister-Spezialiäten is something special. Nowadays we export to over 20 countries all around the world and spoil our customers with sweet delicacies from the heart of Westfalia.